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Colada del vino


When we close our eyes and concentrate we perceive better. At Espai Penedès they propose you to live an experience where you will put aside one of our main senses, sight, to give way to a whole series of new sensations heightened by the other senses.


Online, at Home or Local

Tastings and pairings

Enjoy tastings and pairings with different types of wines making a mindfulness exercise to extract the best of the proposed wines.

- Blind tasting; vertical tasting; horizontal tasting; technical tasting; commercial tasting; historical tasting; geographical tasting; hedonistic tasting...

- Virgin olive oil tasting.

- Tasting of vermouths; distillates; beers.
- Coffee tasting; teas; infusions.
- Water tasting.

- Special tasting for pregnant women.

- Pairings by complement; pairings by contrast; regional pairings or by proximity.

- Pairing of chocolate; foie; cheeses; ham; smoked foods...

My speciality

Events of all kinds

We offer a personalized sommelier service and bring wine culture closer in an elegant and fun way. We make the event with wine a moment of leisure, in a relaxed atmosphere where you lose fear of many mysteries and discover new aromas and textures.



Decantador de vino

Artistic and Cultural Events

We present a new way of gaudir of life, culture and art. We believe experiences to tancat groups for gaudir de l'art i la cultura a les mans dels millors.

Will you paint your own quadre and that he saw next you have aquarel·les?

Are you going to have a cultural visit related to the wine world?

Will you have an extrasensory experience with music and lights?

We also organize wine therapy.

Do not doubt and call to square agendas!

my specialty

Events of all kinds

Our team is expert in creating these adventures; a sommelier will pick you up and guide you throughout the day. You can combine visits to wineries, vineyards, nurseries and others related to the world of wine. The tour is tailor-made, a restaurant is selected according to your gastronomic taste, hotel and spa included.

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